KARTONAŽA VLAŠIĆ is the first and only Croatian manufacturer of protective packaging for archives, libraries and museums. For its 20-year-old own production of cardboard packaging and paper confectionery, the company gained recognition of traditional crafts in 2012. 

In its work Kartonaža Vlašić adapts to the wishes of customers, characterized by the flexibility and the availability of specific, patented and clever conceptual solutions.

Since it continuously invests in its own development, Kartonaža Vlašić is characterized by innovation and the production of unique and above all functional products. In this respect, the protection of archival and museum materials is imperative, and the cardboard packaging is required to be extremely resistant to all external influences and durable. No dust particles should enter in such packaging, but it must be airy and allow continuous air flow and uniform temperature to prevent any potentially biological, mechanical or chemical damage to the material.

In its constant aspiration to excellence, Kartonaža Vlašić applies the highest standards of quality: ISO 16245-A, ISO 9706 and others. Stable Ph value of all packaging components, neutral materials without added chemicals, and use of non-ferrous metal cardboard, are not only evidence of environmental awareness of Kartonaža Vlašić but also of constant concern that archival and museum materials are permanently protected.

In its offer for archives, libraries and museums, Kartonaža Vlašić offers a wide range of products such as archive boxes, film and microfilm boxes, storage boxes for books, pictures, photographs, postcards, letters and all sorts of museum items, various protective covers, conservation and restoration materials and other products according to the customer's wishes.

Dimensions and quantities of the protective packaging are determined by agreement upon ordering, and the delivery time is from 15 to 30 days.

Considering archives, libraries, museums and all other archive and museum collectors, partners in a joint mission to protect and preserve the archival, museum and library materials, Kartonaža Vlašić seeks to build a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation in the process of lasting and safe protection of our historical and cultural heritage .


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